nothing new here

not much going over here lately. The weather has been the absolute worst. Just a bunch of rain and cold. In fact, I'm pretty sure our back yard will be completely flooded by the end of the day. Exciting stuff for sure. All of that basically means the week days around here have been awfully slow and have mostly consisted of reading books over and over again in our teepee and not leaving the house at all. Read: Stir Crazy.

Thank goodness for the weekends, right? Friday night was DATE NIGHT! It was absolutely perfect. We dropped C off at my parents to spend the night. Shopping with gift cards went down at Target, we swung by a friend's birthday party, & then went to see a late night move. We didn't get into bed until 1 in the morning. You guys, that's suppppper late for us old folks. Saturday, was a picnic in the park and swinging way to high because for just a few hours we had perfect weather. That night we went to hear some of our best friend's (well, josh's) band play for a church's Dnow. I was just excited to be getting out of the house again. And Sunday was, of course, church and then a super bowl party with our community group and another. Oh the weekend, why can't you last longer.

Absolutely nothing has happened with our adoption. We are still waiting for a birth mother to choose us. Currently there are only two mothers looking at profiles at our Agencies local branch. So it's a small shot one of them will pick us, but we are praying for the Lord's will. I get asked on a weekly basis about our adoption and for an update and my reply for weeks months is "nope, we're just waiting on a match".  It cuts a little deeper each time. It's a daily struggle not to stare at my phone in hopes of it ringing with "the Call". Last week I hit several days of deep discouragement. You know, because I'm selfish. Friends getting pregnant, me pouting because I'm not getting pregnant, Friends almost having new babies, me pouting again, a lot, because I'm not getting my new baby. Just plain ole selfishness at its best.  Thankfully, the Lord graciously sent me many reminders through His Word and friends that He is always working, even when I can't see it. Although I know that all too well from events from last year, it's funny (more like extremely sad) how we can quickly forget. Learning to be content is no joke, at least for me.

my goodness I can't wait to hold my boy. Whether that's this month or 6 months from now, this will be worth it. The wait will totally be worth it. He's worth waiting for:) 

Oh, and I've been working on our family year book for part of 2012 and all of 2013 every single day. I'm currently starting March of 2013 and I already have 55 pages. This is going to be a ridiculously large book.

And to take us out, a few iphone pics from last week and the weekend. A day with two boys in my arms.... will be here before I know it. #iwillthinkpositively


Kate Kubler said...

Your family is just so precious! Praying for you with your adoption! :)

Kate Kubler said...

Okay CUTE! Don't you just love it when the simple, everyday things become the most beautiful?