because it's been days

i thought i'd blog today for the sake of saying i finallllllllly blogged this month. oh, March has been the pits. then again, so was February. March has had one or two really good perfect weather days where we've spent the entire day outside with friends and family, then the next day it's freezing again. I don't remember last winter being as miserable as this one. The temps are slowly crawling back up this week, but now C has a pretty ugly cold so we are still stuck indoors crossing fingers husband and I don't acquire the dumb thing. I'm so tempted to pack up and just get in a car and drive south until I hit warm weather. Like realllly warm weather where I can wear shorts and flip flop and C can just run around in a diaper. So besides a hatred for the weather, nothing new has gone on around here. We went to the zoo a few days back and C loved it more than ever before. He roared when he saw the lions and meowed at a few of the bigger cats. Probably the most adorable thing of all time. Adoption is still at a stand still. Just us waiting on a birth mother. I'm 100% at peace with this. The Lord will bless us with that child in His timing and all the waiting won't matter then. So thankful the Lord is in control and I'm not. So that's it folks. That's literally all that has been going on over here. It's actually been really nice taking a few weeks off of blogging and a week off posting on instagram (which sometimes feels like a mini blog). Not sure when I'll start blogging consistently again. I do have a few really cool projects planned for next month that I can't wait to share. LIKE CAN'T WAIT. But until then maybe a few posts about our family/romantic dates  (a goal for every month) and some photography posts to keep this blog afloat in the meantime.

happy wednesday lovelies.

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Kate Kubler said...

I am very much looking forward to warmer weather, hopefully before too much time has passed!