Family Date 2/12

this whole weekend and week has been spent laying on the couch battling a sore throat and C breaking out in a rash all over his tiny body. This sickness hit us out of no where and is welcome to leave at any moment. Thankfully, we were able so squeeze in our February family date night on Thursday before the madness began. We received free tickets to a shriners circus in town. Considering the fact that I don't think I've ever been to a circus, we HAD to go. Dinner at one of our favorites & then off to the circus we went. It started at 7 which means it didn't really start until 7:30. We stayed until intermission and then left because C was falling asleep in our arms. There weren't as many animals as we were hoping, but we got to see The Chicago Boys (an act on AGT that we loved) so all in all, it was worth the visit. C was thoroughly amused by all the lights and people screaming. I'd consider this night a success due to the fact that I changed C into a new diaper and pjs all while he sat in my lap backwards in a dark car before driving home!

Family date 1/12

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Kate Kubler said...

I havent been to the circus in FOREVER! My husband and I have been wondering about Humdingers because neither of us have been before. We will definitely have to try it out :) So inspired by your adorable family and husband/wife dates!