March Goals

How in the world is it March already? Seriously, I always forget how fast February rolls by, but this year seems like it really was a blink. Feb brought along with it some fantasticness. I can't wait to share about some new things coming to this blog in the next couple of weeks!

A look back at Feb goals:
- my quiet times remained consistent:)
- I totally didn't get back up to 3 miles of running. In fact, I barely ran at all. And most for health reasons. BUT, I did work out 6 times a week.
- I'm now halfway through our family year book!
- Serving on Vday was a blast
- We took our family date and romantic date
- And I was able to take on a photography shoot that got me out of my comfort zone.
- I only got to read one book, but simply because I couldn't find a second book I really wanted to read.

So, all in all, I'm pretty well pleased with my goals in feb!

- Continue to have my quiet time and pray for husband consistently
- Keep working out
- Second shoot a wedding (really excited about this one. I haven't done that in a while, so I'm excited to see how it will push me)
- Read one book
- GET OUTSIDE MORE. This totally depends on the weather but gosh I'm so ready for spring!!!
- Family date and Romantic date
- Start on C's new room. Get it painted!!
- one social media free weekend.
- Start biking. Since I can no longer run for health reasons, I really want to start biking!
-photoshoot with C. It's been a while since I've taken pictures of him with my for realz camera. 

March, please bring health, warm weather, and lots of time outside!

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Kate Kubler said...

I am so with you girl. Health reasons suck. Hope you will get better and take good care of yourself. Good luck on your goals.