A little hope

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 This is the Clark family. I'm sharing this photo on my personal blog in hopes that you will check out their full session here. Why? One, they are super adorable family. Two, at the moment, all around me is infertility. Too many friends are walking down this road. In fact, while editing their session, I received word from two friends that they were not pregnant as they hoped and the ugly face of infertility had shown itself again in their lives. I looked back at these photos and sweet G's face was such a picture of the hope we have in Christ. He was given to this family in the Lord's perfect timing and after their own battle with infertility. Sarah shared a post on my blog a while back about their struggle, and it's one of the most encouraging posts I have. You can find the link to that post over at their session here. I hope you are encouraged. I hope you enjoy seeing that babies sweet face as much as I do! Praise the Lord for always working, always answering, and always giving us such hope in Him!

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Kate Kubler said...

thanks for posting about this family, I remember reading this when you initially posted it but now it rings even more true. so many of the scriptures she shared are the ones that i've been reading over and over, and so it was so confirming and affirming that god is teaching me in the middle of this struggle. love you friend