And just like that he's 18 months

Somehow, somehow C is already 18 months, and it's been far too long since I took his pictures. The other day we went on a family date, and I knew this would be my best shot to snap a few. I say this at every new stage, but this whole toddlerhood is totally my favorite stage. The words he are learning, the body language, the giggles, the level of activity, I love it all. I love having a boy who is so adventurous, tender hearted, giggly, and life of the crowd. Right now, husband and I are his best friends, and I know one day not far off, that won't be the case any more. So, I'm cherishing this time. Hard core.

 I've been keeping all this as a note on my iphone, but it's time to document his monthly developments here. I haven't done a monthly update since 12 months (will you look how LITTLE he was, ugh time passing). Anyways, here goes...

13 months:
-walks every where
-walks a book over to you and sits in your lap
-points at everything
-finally decided he liked clapping
-reads all the time
-says uh oh, dada, moo, and tries to imitate sound
-loves turning book pages
-still naps twice a day
-completely walking
-reads to himself outloud
-climbs everything
-chases finn
-loves saying momma and dog
-a mouth full of teeth
-now takes one long nap from 1pm-5pm
-loves to wave
-says no to everything
-started throwing minor fits
-loves to dance
-is a total daddy's boy

15 months:
-likes to "roll it" with hands
-carries pillows or drags anything around the house
-loves to sweep or wipe down counters
-makes the noise with hand over mouth ("indian" noise, sorry to be politically incorrect)
-mastered giving kisses
-still climbing
-chases finn's tail constantly, poor finn
-loves finding his belly button

-pretends to count
-says one, two, banana, shoe, yeah yeah
-loves to grab our hands for walks
-really into dinosaurs
-has become a picky eater

17 months:
 -makes pretty much all animal noises
-loves to find belly button, hair, eyes, nose
-points constantly
-plays basketball with dad
-makes a new sad, pout face
-makes a new surprised face
-wants to live outside
-hoards remotes

-loves trucks and cars
-dance and sings anytime there is music
-"reads" to himself out loud in his room
-loves waving bye bye and hello
-started really throwing tantrums
-still a picky eater but getting better
-puts on a show for people
-still loves dinosaurs, books, and trucks
-can find his nose, hair, ear, belly button, and eyes
-can say momma, daddy, dog, car, truck, my, mine, me (he's so selfish:), ball, two, shoe, nose, uh oh, no, yeah, woah
-knows the sounds for a lion, dog, cat, dinosaur, cow, duck, tiger
-sings to himself a lot

I love you my sweet C, more than I could ever try to explain here. I could not be more thankful and grateful to be your mother.  please stop growing so fast:)

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