Date Night 3/12

March's different date night last week (yes, I'm behind in blogging this) was probably my favorite so far. We didn't do anything extravagant. In fact, we just got dinner and dessert. Some very sweet friends of ours baby sat C so we could take a few hours to ourselves. And I have to mention the rain. Oh, the rain. The expression raining cats and dogs has never been more true than that night. We had to park a good 4th a mile from the restaurant, and on the walk back, it started pouring. With full bellies, we ran back to the car. Not the best after just stuffing your face to the max, but it was quite hilarious. 

 We ate at two new places we've been wanting to try. Local was incredibly yummy. If you live around me, you must must must eat at Local. The portabella sandwich will make you slap someone. Not to mention the fries were top knotch. The perfect combination of gooey and crispy. We finished off the night with milkshakes, hot cocoa, and pie from Cafe Eclectic because you know, you're never too full for dessert. I looked up some "questions to ask your spouse on date night" on pinterest and we sat there talking through them for at least an hour. The rain hitting the window, the warmness of cocoa, and talking with my husband about our marriage, parenthood, and the Lord was the perfect amount of relaxation I needed after this month and that week. Earlier in that week, we had gotten a call about two newborn twin boys who were up for adoption. The birth mother viewed our profile, and there was a 1/7 chance she would pick us (6 other families were shown to her as well). She ended up choosing another family, but it did a number on my nerves. Twin boys would have been amazing and chaotic all at once. I'm incredibly excited for the family she chose, and husband and I were both at peace that it wasn't us. Still though, that week was crazy, so this laid back date night was exactly what we needed.

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Kate Kubler said...

How fun to try somewhere new to eat! I love exploring new restaurants!

Kate Kubler said...

Glad you had a wonderful night. It sounds like it couldn't have come at a better time. I've found that most of the time just simple date nights make the best date nights!