Date Night 4/12

So this month's date night, we spent at home. We did a lot together this month. Went to a fancy wedding and sneaked out during nap time to see Captain America (thanks for babysitting Mudgy), so this month's official different date night we spent at home. We ordered in pizza from a local cafe and rented a Redbox. I made a big pallet on the floor which really just served as C's playground. Seriously, take the cushions off your couch and lay them on the floor and your kids will think you just bought them season passes to Disney World. He almost died of laughter and jumping. Once he went down to bed, we popped in the movie and held hands the entire time. I came down with a case of the pregnancy nausea, but overall, the night was nice. It was slow and relaxed. We hadn't made a pallet in the living room since C was like 2 months old. The next morning C got up and immediately pointed to the living room and said "uh oh". The kid new the pallet was gone, but i have a feeling it will make it's appearance more often around here. Thankful for this date night, but excited to get out of the house next month and do something new! 


Kate Kubler said...

How fun! my hubby and I need to start making a traditional date night

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Kate Kubler said...

Hubby and I really need to start implementing a monthly date night into our lives!!!!

Kate Kubler said...

Yay! Im all for monthly date nights! Such an important aspect of keeping a marriage fun!



Kate Kubler said...

This is so fun!