Easter and thoughts.

So I basically did a horrible job of capturing this Easter with my camera. Part of me is really okay with that considering I felt not the best due to nausea (not complaining... well maybe a little), so I spent most of the time really trying to just enjoy the moment and capturing it mentally. C had an absolute blast to say the least.

Mudgy (Josh's mom) got him a new little slide. Like a true boy, he threw pretty much anything he could get his fat, dimpled hands on down the slide. Occassionally, he would attempt to climb up it or go down head first. It was hit in his little book, and has continued to be.

 Saturday, we took C to his first egg hunt. I've gathered this about such events. 1. they are extremely fun to watch your kid learn how to find them. 2. they make you realize just how selfish people can be. "Let me run around this field and find all the eggs before any other kid so I can keep them all in my basket and have more than them". I got C off once his tiny little basket was full. Since he wanted to continue in the fun, I just dumped all his eggs out and let him re-find them again. As he gets older, I expect this will be a great oppurutnity to teach him about sharing and helping others.

I know it's just a fun event for kids, but Easter is a very special Holiday. It celebrates my savior dying for my sins (and the sins of everyone) even though He was innocent so that I might live with Him eternally. It celebrates Him defeating death declaring that He is the only true God. That the only way to heaven is through His son Jesus. I become so heart broken when I see instagrams of giant Easter egg baskets or kids hoarding candy and losing sight of why this Holiday even exists. I want to participate in all the fun events like egg hunts and such, but I also want to be very careful that these things don't become the most important in C's world as he grows older. We didn't do Easter baskets this year. I couldn't find a way to do them that helped point C to Jesus while still having some fun. Perhaps by next year, I'll figure something out:) BUT PLEASE don't misread me, if these are things you do with your family, by all means keep doing them. This is just my personal conviction. No judging here. Cross my heart. I grew up doing Easter baskets and egg hunts and I don't think my parents parented me wrong because of it. In fact, they hold some of my greatest memories. My little brothers waddling in on Easter morning to their baskets will forever be stamped in my memory:) How do you find the balance? Please share!

I don't think I stopped tearing up the entire service on Sunday morning. Mainly during the song time of worship. This past few weeks has been so draining with this pregnancy and family loss. Easter came at a perfect time for me. At the end of all of that, I was reminded that Jesus is and will always be enough. Our service was soo good. We had over a 100 people and so many new visitors. Just an all around encouraging day. 

 I bought C's shirt at Target and already had the bow tie (a gift) and suspenders (from H&M). He was so dang cute I almost couldn't handle it.

The rest of the day was spent with my family over a big meal and fried chickens. I 100% meant to film the entire thing to make an Easter video like last years, but like I said before, I just got to wrapped up in enjoying the moment. Maybe next year:)

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I hope even more that if you don't know Jesus and why we celebrate Easter, that you will come to know Him and the freedom found in the Cross.


Kate Kubler said...

I saw what a friend of mine did for Easter baskets. They get up, go to church and when they get home (after they have focused on the real meaning of Easter) they have baskets. I think I'm going to adopt that next year. We always put swim suits and candy in our girls baskets. They know what to expect and it makes it easy not to go overboard with junk.

Kate Kubler said...

I like Jennifer's idea. I try to keep it super minimal like we do at Christmas. My kids get 3 things in their Easter basket. One piece of candy (if they are old enough) like a chocolate cross instead of a bunny. Gives an opportunity to talk again about how the cross relates to Easter. One thing that could help further their faith like a bible or resurrection eggs or a storybook about Easter or some other meaningful book that teaches about Jesus. We love Chan's tractor book....might be good for C next year! We even gave our daughter a DVD version of the storybook bible last year. Then we give them one thing they need, because it was something I was already going to need to buy but they can enjoy it coming on a holiday! Hope you find something that works well for your family and congratulations on your pregnancy!