family date 4/12 : the fair

this month's different family date just might have been my favorite, although I don't think I can say the same for C. First off, a big thank you to my husband for putting up with my need for being right and controlling. Funny how minor situations, like where to park, can really get my blood pumping. So, I'm here to say, I'm working on it. And my husband is really gracious.

The first ride I took C on seemed innocent enough. We went early in the afternoon and had pretty much the entire fair to ourselves. I hadn't seen anyone on it, so I just assumed the cute little baskets went around in a slow circle considering it was a kiddie ride. I assumed wrong. After buckling C in, I realized the basket turned in circles as the ride also spun in circles. And then to top it off, the ride went up and down and tilted all different sides. Translation: this was NOT a toddler friendly ride. I wanted to yell at the man for not warning me or telling us C was too young. Poor bubba just kept saying uh oh as we spun around violently. You think I'm exaggerating here, I know. But I assure you, I'm not. We stepped off the ride, and I honestly expected any passing mother to give me a round of applause for worst momma of the year award. Props to my little guy for not screaming. He kept his constant brow frown for all of the carousel and Farris wheel. That dumb first ride ruined them all. His face lit back up as we chowed down on a pronto pup, nachos, and funnel cake. He devoured all of his pears just in time to try a few bites of his first funnel. Pure bliss spread from ear to ear. Heading home, he fell asleep almost immediately and took a gigantic nap. I'm pretty sure I may have heard him whimper "no fair ride. no fair ride" in his sleep that night. Join me in praying I didn't scar him for life. Husband already hates any type of ride. I need a dare devil to join me!

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Kate Kubler said...

the cutest! i love that y'all do this!!

Kate Kubler said...

Oh no, sorry he had a bad ride experience. The fair looks like fun though. I love stuff like that!!