the first bumpdate : week 13.5

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along:13.5 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 5-7lbs I think. It's different day to day I can tell. I'm not weighing myself very consistently. I can tell I have more of a bump this time around then I did with C. I've heard your belly gets bigger faster with each pregnancy. When I wake up in the mornings it's barely noticeable, but by bedtime it's huge.

Maternity Clothes: not in the least bit, but I am excited to start wearing some soon, especially since a sweet friend gave me all of her maternity clothes to borrow!
Best Moment this Week: Since my "weeks' start new each wednesday just like they did with C. Since last Wednesday, I'd say Easter was by far the best moment.
Gender: Sometimes I think it will be a girl, but this pregnancy feels just like it did with C so far.
Movement: not a thing. Ready to feel this little nugget!
Food Cravings: nothing really. I do drink an insane amount of OJ a day.
Food aversions: red meat, sometimes carbs. I really just want fruit non stop.
What I Miss: not much right now. I sleep okay, no heartburn, allergies are worse but overall I can't complain one bit. The nausea has pretty much passed with exception to random fits but I'm glad it's almost gone!
Sleep: napping like it's my job!
What I am looking forward to: finding out gender obviously and deciding on names. We have NO clue what names we like this go around for a boy. For a girl we know:)

Belly Button:in in in

The first 12 weeks were rough. Most days I didn't make it off the couch. I felt the nausea was worse this time around, but Josh assures me it was not. I do think I got over it faster than I did with C. Thankful for that! This pregnancy 100% feels like it is going so much slower. I think that's probably because last time I was working and so preoccupied with work that I didn't have time to think about how slow each week was.


Kate Kubler said...

I'm so looking forward to these every week :)

Kate Kubler said...

I craved fruit salads with my second too! I'm so excited to follow this journey - living vicariously through you! Xxx

Kate Kubler said...

Excited for you!!!! :)


Kate Kubler said...

Congratulations! The video was just precious and what an exciting announcement!

Kate Kubler said...

I craved fruit with my third child. I ate it non stop! She was a girl :)

Kate Kubler said...

My sister is due in November so it looks like you two are on the same track! And oddly enough, she told me that she has been craving fruit as well. She also has her girl's name and no name for a boy. Crazy! Can't wait to read more about this little one :)

Kate Kubler said...

Was googling bumpdate and found your blog =)
I'm a day shy of 12 weeks and crave nothing but fruit! I can't wait to start doing my own bumpdates over on my blog as well. And exciting to have someone close in dates to follow along with!! :)