Bumpdate and my brother's Wedding Video

let's just all pretend I've been blogging consistently this week because I'm behind on so many posts, but I'm just too busy with real life to get it done. Brother's wedding was this past weekend, so I've been editing my life away. I've got so many blog posts to do on that, it's going to be annoying. I have our Atlanta trip to blog as well. And then I have four other sessions this coming week and next to bust out. Phew.

Speeeakkkkking of brother's wedding. Here's the sneak peak video dear Nicole made! I'm going to warn you, it's amazing. I can't wait to see the entire thing! And I'm not being biased because it's my brother's wedding. She seriously did one AMAZING job. I know it's not my wedding, but I'm so grateful for this video. Since I shot the wedding and was in the wedding, it was hard for me to pause during the day and enjoy the moment. My mind was racing like a crazy women. This video was so precious for me to watch over and over and over again and replay the day. Thank you Nicole! It really is unbelievable!

The song in the video is the same song Ricky surprised Alyssa with during the ceremony. She had no idea he was going to sing it. Her father played the guitar and one of my brother's sang harmony. It was precious to say the least. 

Alyssa + Ricky | sneak peek from 314 Productions on Vimeo.

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along: 17 weeks
Total Weight Gain: 8-9 pounds I think.
Maternity Clothes: not really, all my clothes still fit. Although I wore those red maternity pants because all my others were in the wash. First pair I've worn, I forgot how comfy they are.
Best Moment this Week: My brother's wedding this past weekend.
Gender: Sometimes I think it will be a girl, but this pregnancy feels just like it did with C so far.
Movement: every now and then. So ready for it to be more obvious.
Food Cravings: pickles, smoothies, orange juice.
Food aversions: fried food
What I Miss: nothing really. Just very thankful. 
Sleep: pretty well again.
What I am looking forward to: our appointment tomorrow!

Belly Button:in in in

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Kate Kubler said...

You look great, congrats to your brother!!