I want him to know

I want him to know how much I'm loving this stage. He's adventurous. Sometimes rowdy. Always curious and seriously sweet. I want him to know I love being his best friend. I know as he grows I will become less of a friend and more of a parent, and that's honestly how I want it to be, but right now, I'm momma and his BFF. And it makes me feel like the richest woman on earth. I want him to know I LOVE playing dinosaurs with him, and reading books over and over, and watching cars go by, and playing ball, and chasing him around the house. I want him to know that being a SAHM was always my dream job and continues to be. Some days aren't very glamourous. In fact, that's most days. But everyday I get to watch him grow, I get to help mold him into the man the Lord has for him, I get to help point him to Jesus, I get to watch him discover and learn and explore. To me, this is is the best. I want him to know I will always be his biggest fan, and I will love him no matter what his future holds. I want him to know just how incredibly blessed he is too have his daddy. A man that loves Jesus more than us. A man who actually wants to spend as much time with him as he can. A man who provides for us so that I can stay home. I want him to know that. I want him to know that with every fit, bite, cry, scream, or tantrum, my love for him only abounds. I try my best to keep to my patience and discipline him in love, but sometimes I fail. I want him to know I'm not perfect, that I will mess up. That I will parent wrong sometimes, but because of Jesus, there is grace. I want him to know that I'm making it a habit to apologize to him when those times happen. I want him to grow up seeing me repent and turn to Jesus. I want him to know that there is no amount of words to describe my thankfulness for being his momma. He brought me to this journey of motherhood, a blessing I don't deserve and I'm forever grateful.

I want him to know Jesus most. I want to see the Lord save Him. Transform his life. I want to see C devote all of His days to following the Lord and seeing others come to know him. I want him to love the Word more than sin. To seek humility and patience and wisdom instead of pride and lust and the foolish ways of the world. I want him to love people. To have a servants heart and always show grace.

C, one day when you're too big and I'm wishing we could rewind back to now, I want you to know that I love you. And that although one day I may not be around, Jesus always is. Seek Him.

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Kate Kubler said...

Ugh just so adorable. Thank you for being such an inspiration Katie! I hope that when my husband and I have our first child that I can be as wonderful of a mom as you!