May Goals

A look back at how April goals went:

- we had our family date and romantic date
- I'm working out every MWF like planned and actually crave this time.
- made about 60% of the garland. whoop!
- Announced our pregnancy
- Deep cleaned most of the house
- And I blogged a bit more consistently! yay!

Alright for May....

-Spend more time in the Word. By this I mean extend my quiet times to be longer than 30 mins most days.
-Shoot my brother's wedding & get most if not all edited
-Go on our romantic date (family date already happened beginning of this month)
-continue "reading and prayer time" with C. more on that later
-read one book. suggestions?
-FIND OUT GENDER on the 30th:)!!!!! this isn't really a goal, I'm just super excited it's happening.
-do one random act of kindness for a friend.

This month is jam packed with wedding activities and photo sessions. Hoping for several slow nights at home and out with friends. It's been a while since I've been able to meet friends for coffee or go to dinner with a group because we've been so busy or out of town or our nights have been booked with church events. I need a girls night out. Bad:)


Kate Kubler said...

Girl, you are one busy mama! I'm so inspired by your walk with the Lord and that you spend time in prayer with your little son! keep it up - you are encouragement to me

Happy Medley // Currently Loving Link Up

Kate Kubler said...

So exciting to find out what your little one will be!

Kate Kubler said...

So excited to find out gender!!! :)