To Atlanta and Back

i wish i could go back in time to our trip to Atlanta. Although it was just a thrusday-saturday trip, it was seriously one of the best vacations we've had. Husband was asked by NAMB to come sit in on a round table discussion with several other church planters from all over the nation. They talked about strategies or something, I don't know. I was just thankful C and I got to tag along!

We left around 4:30 thursday morning. I really thought once we put C in the car seat that he would fall back asleep, but he totally didn't. He ended up taking a long nap in the car, so it worked out fine. He as an excellent traveler! We dropped husband off at noon for his first meeting. C and I drove into Atlanta to hit up Ikea and an outlet mall. MY GOSH I LOVE IKEA. Unless you've been, you really won't understand how incredible that place is. I walked out with a rug, a pillow, and two new toys for Canaan for $30. We spent about 2 hours walking around and eating at the super delish cafeteria.
  photo IMG_4620.jpg photo IMG_4557.jpg
 photo IMG_4562.jpg
 photo IMG_4571.jpg

After Ikea we drove to the Atlantic Station. It's basically a high end outlet mall with a bajillion restaurants, play areas, and shops. We ended up loving this place so much we went back every day!
  photo IMG_4577.jpg photo IMG_4572.jpg
 C fell asleep on the drive back to the hotel. I checked us in and completely unpacked by myself. C and I ate dinner at Jason's deli (which was in the same parking lot as the hotel). Josh got in around 7 and we watched the Grizz game. C had a bit of a hard time falling asleep in his pack n play, but eventually conked out in my arms.
 photo IMG_4585copy.jpg

 The next morning, Friday,  josh had meetings again, so C and I explored a nearby park. Why do we not have parks like this?

 photo atlanta-001.jpg
 photo atlanta-013.jpg photo atlanta-004.jpg
 photo atlanta-007.jpg  photo atlanta-010.jpg
 photo atlanta-009.jpg
 photo atlanta-003.jpg
 photo atlanta-006.jpg
 photo atlanta-012.jpg
 photo atlanta-005.jpg

 We then went to a nearby mall for pretzels, smoothies, and some more playing/shopping.  photo IMG_4592.jpg

 Afterwards we met Josh at the NAMB building and brought C back to the hotel for a much needed nap.  photo IMG_4594.jpg

I really wanted Josh to experience Atlantic Station so we decided on dinner there that night.  There was also a dinosaur exhibit we were itching to take C to. BUT we arrived an hour late and couldn't get a ticket. C clearly had no idea what was going on or what he missed out on, but he loved playing on the greens no doubt.  photo IMG_4610.jpg
 photo IMG_4608.jpg photo IMG_4609.jpg
 photo IMG_4615.jpg photo IMG_4611.jpg

Saturday morning, we packed up and headed to the Georgia Aquarium.  This was by far the highlight of the trip. We spent a good 2 hours walking around all the exhibits. I could have spent an entire day, but we wanted to get home at a reasonable time. Not to mention the last 30 minutes we were there, C was beyond ready for nap. I decided to just shoot with my iphone because I wanted to be able to snap them quick and enjoy the moment. I'll let the pictures explain how incredible the place is. After the aquarium, we grabbed lunch in Atlantic Station and then hit the road! C did well on the ride home. He napped once. The last hour and a half he fussed a lot so I whipped out an old iphone with downloaded toddler games, and it worked like a charm! We try not to let him have our phones on a regular basis, but sometimes in situations like that or a doctor's office visit, the iphone comes in handy big time.
  photo IMG_4740.jpg
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it was a whirlwind of a trip, but with out a doubt an absolute blast and oddly enough incredibly relaxing.


Kate Kubler said...

Looks like a blast! And that aquarium...amazing!

Kate Kubler said...

Eager to see Atlantic Station next time I go!

Kate Kubler said...

What did you use to shoot these pics? Also what do you use to edit them?