Bumpdate: Week 21: Round 2

 I snapped these at the park today. With C I did cute photos every week with Photoshop numbers. The whole shabang. With Willow, I'm just happy if I can snap one iphone pic. Ha! The reality of toddler-hood and being pregnant.

Can't even lie, the reality of having two small children is starting to set it. I notice moms of two every where I go and try to fantasize the hardships they face so I can prepare myself for life with two. And if I'm being honest, I'm genuinely PUMPED UP. I think about how much joy C brings and the thought of that being multiplied by TWO makes me one happy momma. I know things will get a little harder in some areas ... overall sleep, loading the car to go somewhere or a trip to kroger/target. But I honestly can't even wait for that. Motherhood is the best. Hardships and all. I recently saw a mom juggling 5 kids and a cart full of groceries. They were crying. She looked exhausted. But she was also smiling. She laughed at two of them who were being silly, and she quietly told the others to stop arguing. All with a tired, smile on her face. It made my day. I was across the store, but if I had been closer I woulda given her a hug and said keep on keepin on mama. You're doing a great job. This all came flooding out of my finger tips for some reason. Oh well.

How far along: 21 weeks
Total Weight Gain: not real sure. I'd say 10 to 12 pounds. I have decided to start eating better. I mean I'm eating pretty healthy, but since everything is giving me major heart burn, I'm going to try to do even better. And it will help the weight stay in check. With C I gained 30 total, so i'm shooting for that number or 25. 

Maternity Clothes: I can still wear my pants just with a hair band or belly band. Shirts are more of a challenge to get over my little belly now so Maternity is definitely more comfortable. Still wearing most normal though. Suspecting that will change soon. I mostly live in skirts & tshirts because it's SO HOT.
Best Moment this Week: selling so much stuff we need to get rid of. I made $200. I used it to buy our modern crib (found on Ebay. Brand new Ikea crib used ONCE) for $80. I also bought a mid century dresser to go in W's room for $90. WHOOP! I still have so much more to sell. Big fan of selling old stuff in order to buy new so I don't use any of our money.
Gender: It's a GIRL!!!! Willow Ruth Kubler:) See our gender reveal photos here
Movement: lots and lots. It's a blessing.
Food Cravings: smoothies, orange juice, apples, snow cones. 
Food aversions: fried food, heavy meals, red meat
What I Miss: not having heart burn. with C I feel like the heart burn didn't start until the third trimester. With W, it's started weeks ago and sometimes comes on in fury. Hoping this means she has lots of curly hair.
Sleep: pretty great. Just lots of crazy dreams
What I am looking forward to: our appointment on Friday. I love hearing her heart beat. And starting on the Nursery. Hoping to paint next week!

Belly Button:in in in


Kate Kubler said...

Still just adoring that name so much!

Kate Kubler said...

Love her name!! Xo