Date Night 6/12 : our FIVE year:)

It's sad how far behind I am on blogging. This month has gone by so quick and so slow at the same time. We celebrated our 5 year anniversary on the 20th! Crazy it's been five years. Husband and I both agree it's felt like much longer, in a good way. I love doing life with this man. It's been a joy to grow with him over these past five years.

We are heading to the beach in a couple of weeks sans C, and that was our gift to each other. However, the week of the 20th we went on a special date night. A local restaurant called Texas De Brazil is one of our absolute favorite places in the whole world, but it's too expensive for just a night out. Since this was special, we searched for a coupon online, found $20 off and headed to dinner! Afterwards, we headed to a movie, but we had to leave early because C got sick at Aunt Linny's house. Sweet Malco gave us vouchers to come back for free. We ended that night curled up in bed with our boy watching a movie, and it was honestly the best way to end a great date night.

It's hard to believe in five more years, we will have several more kiddos running around. I can't wait to celebrate 10 years with this guy. Each day just gets sweeter and sweeter being his bride. 
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If you've been following along for a while, you know that we are trying to take one special date night a month just the two of us doing something we don't normally do. I didn't blog about last month's but here are all the others
Date Night 5/12: not blogged

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Kate Kubler said...

Happy belated anniversary!!