Family date 6/12

This month's family date was clearly a blast. We decide the day of our 5 year anniversary to take C to the children's museum. We'd never taken him before, and I just knew he would love it. There is a tiny little grocery store inside that C would have married if he could have. The kid pushed his little cart with such passion and enthusiasm. Once he figured out he could stock it with "food" there was no stopping him. He loved the toddler play area, the police car, the fire trucks, and a little disco dancing room. He wanted to "steer" every wheel he could get his little pudgy hands on. Afterwards, we grabbed some lunch in Midtown and Young Ave. Deli. A local favorite. He passed out on the way home and took a glorious nap that day. Looking forward to taking him back to the CM when he gets a little bit older and can partake in all the big kid areas.

If you haven't started this Family date tradition with your kids (by that I mean doing something new each month you don't normally do) you should start now!!! We've made some pretty great memories so far:)
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Our family dates so far:

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Kate Kubler said...

Love it! And this little boy :) Looks like he had so much fun!