pretend i posted this earlier

so it's near the end of june and i realized today I never posted my goals for this month... oops.

This month didn't quite go the route I exptected. We were hit with a virus (all three of us) the beginning of the month and this week we were hit with another. So, most days have been spent at home nursing us back to health.

We have played outside more, which was a goal I had for this month. We've LOVED our pool we bought at walmart for $25 bucks, and we went to the splash park once with friends.

my goals for the remaining two weeks of June are:

-sell more items on FB so I can purchase decorative things for Willow's nursery. So much I want to buy, so little little little money haha.
-paint Willow's room.
-purchase supplies to complete one DIY project for her room, and start on it. I've already decided I will save most of the projects for August since July is going to be a crazy busy month for us. It will give me something to look forward too once we get back from vacation in July.
-Have more friends over for dinner or play dates. We've actually done a great job of this so far this month. We've been to friends and had friends over so many times. C has gotten in bed most nights around 10, but I don't even care because we've had so much fun. Hope to keep this up these next few weeks. Something about playing late in a back yard or park with the sunset heat just feels so good.
-Finish two books of the bible. I've gotten behind on my chronological daily readings and need to catch up. And I'd like to even get ahead if possible. I'm thinking one book a week.
-Family date (Our romantic date already happened, and I'll blog about that later)
-maybe squeeze in a ladies night with my main gals.


Kate Kubler said...

These pictures are so precious! Oh the joys of summer!

Kate Kubler said...

I'd love to start implementing romantic dates and girls nights into my schedule. It just seems to never happen. Sounds like you all have been enjoying your summer so far!!!

Kate Kubler said...

Just wanted to thank you for your blog. It is always so encouraging and has been fun to watch y'all go through life. We'd like to adopt one day, so reading about your journey so far has been a huge encouragement. Love the monthly goals too - I had tried to do daily ones for so long and it just wasn't realistic. Monthly is much more forgiving. ;) Thanks for making the day brighter when I read your posts!

Kate Kubler said...

A very belated congratulations, Kate! You look wonderful! Love your goals (and thank you for the reminder that I need to get back up to speed with my own.)