We've been busy. In a good way.

I'm really loving summer around here so far. Don't hear me wrong, I'M HATING the heat very much. Fortunately, so far the nights have been surprisingly cooler and shaded. But I'm loving all the new adventures with C. We've gone on numerous walks like the one above. We explore, find rocks, pick flowers, point to planes and birds. It's pretty magical when you look at it through a 1.5 year old. We've gone to the splash park, and the zoo, and played in our new kiddy pool. We've gone to cook outs and hosted cook outs and reallllyyyy enjoyed having people over. We've loved pool time during community group for all the kids. We're planning on doing the library once a week, and I'm curious how C will like it. I'm trying to do atleast one fun thing a day with C. nothing major most days, but something that will really light up his little face and allow us to soak in this time just the three of us. His favorite may have been a late night run to The Dip (local eatery/ice cream joint) for milkshakes and shaved ice. Or meeting dad for lunch and goodwill shopping. Thankfully I have a ton of friends with little kids that I can borrow ideas from. Another blogger friend of mine that lives in AZ has been posting fun craft activities that I plan on doing with C during days that are just too hot. I learned from another friend that our movie theater does $2 movies for kids during the day. I'm not even sure if I will have a distinguished "family date" post this month because we are just doing so much together already and I love it. I realized last week that I haven't done the best job and recapping or day to day activites on this blog and I really think that will be special to remember one day looking back. Maybe I'll starting doing a Friday recap post of iphone photos or something. Or maybe I won't because we'll be too busy doing things. Alas, I'll atleast try to be some what more consistent. This weekend we are booked and tonight we are helpoing serve at the food pantry with our church. I look forward to this every month. There is usually a great turn out of people and good bit of the church comes to help so we end up having so much fun. I've had so much more photography this summer so far, which has taken me by surprise but I'm completely thankful for (gotta pay the bills!). hence why I haven't been able to blog more. But, I think towards the end of June and all of July I don't have as much (because it's soooo hot) and I can focus on our little family before the rush of fall comes.

I can already tell this summer is going to be much more fun than last simply because we can do so much more with C. This is quite the random little post, but my heart is just over flowing with joy from life with my boys and our growing babe and I'm just so thankful for summer!

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Kate Kubler said...

Enjoy these days, they pass too quickly. My 15 year old has really no interest in the little things anymore and it breaks my heart. Luckily my small two still love the little moments!