Bumpdate: 26 weeks : Round 2

How far along: 26 weeks
Total Weight Gain: honestly, I have no idea. I quit weighing myself several weeks back. I'm just focusing on eating healthy and working out 3-5 times a week. I think I've gained maybe 15 to 20, but I can still wear all my regular pants (with a belly band). I'm carrying her so differently than I did with C. She sticks straight out where he was more round.
Maternity Clothes:they are obviously more comfortable, but I'm still wearing a lot of my non maternity clothes. 

Best Moment this Week: The nashville trip with all the ladies from my church. I'll post about that tomorrow!

Gender: It's a GIRL!!!! Willow Ruth Kubler:) See our gender reveal photos here
Movement: She used to hardly ever move, well mainly just at night, but now I feel her constantly through out the day.
Food Cravings: nothing in particular. Italian, Mexican, and Smoothies always sound good.
Food aversions: fried food, heavy meals, red meat
What I Miss: nothing really. The last few weeks of this pregnancy have been wonderful (minus the horrible, horrible heart burn, but I really can't complain overall)

Sleep:getting up once or more for the bathroom. And the dreams this time around are completely psycho.
What I am looking forward to:passing my glucose test Friday, hearing her heart beat at the appointment. A church wide fellowship with our church Saturday, and THE BEACH NEXT WEEK!!!!

Belly Button:in in in

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