Bumpdate : 27-28 Weeks : Round 2

 ^pic is from 27 weeks at the beach

How far along: 28 weeks
Total Weight Gain: Two weeks ago at the doc I had gained 19! So far I'm super pleased with how much I've gained. A pound or two is from muscle because I've been working out and lifting weights. With C I gained 30 total, so I'm just trying to stay underneath or right at 30 again.
Maternity Clothes: Wearing maternity tops. Little girl pokes way more out than her brother ever did. I can still wear non-maternity pants with a hairband or belly band

Best Moment this Week: Our beach vacation was a dreeaaammm, but the best was coming home to our sweet C. 
Gender :Girl- Willow Ruth

Movement: all day, everyday:)
Food Cravings: so much. Spring rolls, breakfast food, Five guys hamburger, asian, greek, italian. HA!

Food aversions: heavy meals or fried food. 

What I Miss: not having heart burn every night. ugh.
Sleep:really great! Usually only one trip to the bathroom and getting in naps whenever I can
What I am looking forward to:getting her nursery decorate! I have already painted and set up furniture. Just need to add the finishing touches!

Belly Button:in and very flat

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Kate Kubler said...

Such a cute picture of you!