July 4th in all its glory and million iphone pics

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As you can probably tell, we had a fantastic 4th. Very last minute, C and I decided to join my family on a quick trip to St. Louis. Not all of the Weaver clan got to go, but we still had loads of fun. Six Flags, The City Museum, Cracker Barrel, the road trip, every bit of it was hilarious, fun, and exhausting. We left Thursday, spent Friday at Six flags, and Saturday morning at the City Museum before we headed home that night. Oh, and I forget the pit stop on the way home for Ted Drewes Ice cream. It was the perfect way to spend the fourth (well would have been more perfect if husband had gotten to join along). July 4th is most definitely my favorite non-religious holiday. Cuddling up with C for his first firework show and thinking about the millions of Americans doing that exact same thing that night gave me goose bumps. I couldn't be more proud to live in this great country and couldn't be more thankful for all those who have served and are serving to protect it. 

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Kate Kubler said...

So precious! Oi. All those colours and patterns and grins and laughs. Thanks for sharing this set of photographs from your life. I enjoyed them.