Beach Trip 2014

In July, husband and I left C behind with my sister and headed to the beach with three other couples. To say I was an emotional wreck leaving him would be a big understatement. I had a good cry and held back tears the entire drive down. I knew I was leaving him in great GREAT hands, but fears and anxiety would creep in. Thankfully, throughout the week the Lord gave me a peace. It was such a needed time for husband and I. Little girl comes in October, and this will be the last time the two of us get away alone for a long time. I can not say how thankful I am for a sister who treats my son like her own. She loves him and disciplines him exactly how I would. So comforting to know he was so well loved (and spoiled) that week. Plus, her Judah is C's very best friend, so it was like a vacation for him the whole week too. She sent a million videos and pics and we face timed, so I don't feel like I missed anything that happened in his little world. Praise Jesus for technology.

We spent the entire week laying out and eating, pretty much. Our two condos were right next door to each other. The boys played xbox or wii while the girls tanned. We spent hours reading (I started and finished three books in that one week), getting in the ocean, and playing Frisbee (the boys) every afternoon. One morning we all ate a scrumptious breakfast the guys made. A few nights we went out to dinner and the other nights we cooked in and all ate together on the balcony over looking the ocean. We played games at night, watched New Girl, or shopped. It really was so laid back and chill, exactly what we all needed. We are so thankful our friends invited us along. We got an insanely good deal on the condos since they belonged to relatives of one of the couples. I wish the week could have lasted longer. I mean, I missed C like crazy and was soooooo ready to get home to him, but it was also so so so nice to be able to just chill with husband and focus on each other for a week. It's so crucial for us to keep each other as our second priority (Christ being first) and weeks like this are such a huge help in refocusing our attention.

And now a million crappy iphone photos because I was on vacation and didn't want to play photographer all week long. Well, I did make an exception and do a mini session for each couple our last night. Our maternity pictures are in the last post, but you can see the other three couples here, here, and here
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this trip counted as our "different date for July"

Other dates from this year:

Date Night 5/12: not blogged


Kate Kubler said...

What a wonderful vacation! Glad you had a great time! And you are just the cutest little preggo lady ever!

Kate Kubler said...

You guys are cuteee!

Sarah said...

i just love your shoes!