Family Date 7/12

We technically took July's family date on August 1st due to how the days fell, but we are still counting it for July. C can't get enough of Choo-Choo's right now. Like he lives and breathes them. First thing he says in the morning and last thing he says at night. He carries his one train book around alllllllllll day, and he begs to watch Thomas the Train during breakfast.

So OBVIOUSLY a visit to a train was a must. Like major. The Collierville Square has three really cool old train carts that you can walk around and even tour. When we pulled up he pointed and went crazy. Then, once we approached them, he became very reserved and shy. After some warming up, he ran up and down the halls of one of the carts. It was actually really fascinating to see inside and get a taste of traveling in one from back in the day. We didn't account for WWIII breaking out when we left. I've never seen that kid produce more tears in my life. In fact, he cried so hard he put himself to sleep. Bless him.

We had a picnic at Shelby Farms with a sweet blogger friend whose family was in town. It was so lovely to finally meet her, her boys, and husband in person. The kids ate and played and played and we got a chance to talk about raising boys, homeschooling, adoption, etc.

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Kate Kubler said...

What an awesome day!

Kate Kubler said...

All things I love! That little town square will always be home sweet home - and these beautiful sunny days are just made for shelby farms fun! Precious family date :)

Kate Kubler said...

Such sweet pictures!