My Maternity Session : Round Two

 photo beach5.jpg photo beach4.jpg photo beach10.jpg
 photo beach2-1.jpg
 photo beach9.jpg
 photo beach6.jpg

 photo beach12.jpg
 photo beach1-1.jpg photo beach8.jpg
 photo beach11.jpg

Hard to believe it's been two years since our last maternity session. I wasn't really going to even do a maternity session this time around, but once we got to the beach, I knew I would have to snap a few. I mean who can resist pictures on the beach with a pretty pink dress? I got the settings adjusted, gave my friend a quick crash course and gave her a rough idea of what I was wanting. She did a great job capturing what I had in my head. When I was editing these, I could see even more how differently this pregnancy is on body than the last time. So thankful to have these sweet photos. Now to just pic a favorite for little girls room...


Kate Kubler said...

These. Are. Spectacular! Pinning now!

Kate Kubler said...

these photos are stunning. what a gorgeous shoot!

Kate Kubler said...

BEAUTIFUL! You are stunning.

Kate Kubler said...

Wow, gorgeous photos! Love the dress and the fact that you were able to get maternity pics at the beach is amazing!