Taking Stock 004

Making : so many projects for Willow's room
Cooking : veggie pasta for dinner. Because Italian is all this momma is craving these days.
Drinking : water, water, water like a good pregnant momma.
Reading: 1 Samuel and Gone Girl
Wanting: all the headwraps in the world for W.
Looking: forward to D-Day.
Playing: non stop choo-choo's for days on end.
Wasting: brain cells searching pinterest for yummy meals
Trusting: my shirts to hang on until the end.
Sewing: weaves. well weaving weaves, if you will.
Wishing: for FALL, DANG IT.
Enjoying: nap time lately. Gives me sooo much time to get things done.
Waiting: for him to get up, because as soon as he goes down for that nap, I miss him.
Liking: frozen peaches. yum.
Wondering: where all my hair bands have gone, is it just me?
Loving: Master Chef. My favorite tv show currently.
Hoping: for an easy, safe delivery
Marveling: at how wonderful my husband is. this year has been the best yet.
Needing: a pedicure. trying to paint them is useless
Anticipating: the day our adoption is active again.
Contemplating: selling my right arm for this
Smelling: peanut butter left over from his dino shaped sandwich
Wearing: dresses. always.
Following: bread crumbs in hopes of catching a mouse. I'm telling you, we have one. It's somewhere in this house. and I will kill it.
Noticing: the husband's discipline. Running 3 days a week now. So proud:)
Knowing: i have the best gal pals around
Thinking: about all that has to be done around this house before she arrives
Praying: for babies for friends. like seriously. Lord, give them babies!
Bookmarking: inspirational color pallets for weaves
Opening: our home to the married men in our CG every wednesday so that they can discuss biblical manhood and leading in the home. It's pretty much made me a puddle of mush. So thankful for my husbands and these men who aspire to be Godly husbands and fathers.
Giggling: about all the new words he says
Feeling: almost ripe. Come on baby

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Kate Kubler said...

I love these "taking stock" posts going around. It's such an easy way to sum up what's going on in life and in our heads.