Bumpdate : 36 Weeeks : Round 2

How far along: 36 weeks.
Total Weight Gain: I'm not real sure. I go to the doctor tomorrow. I'm thinking a little under 30.
Maternity Clothes: yeah, but everything maternity is getting to snug around this belly. Ha!

Best Moment this Week: Getting SO much done. nesting has hit harder than ever before. It's unreal all I've been able to accomplish this week! Thank you Jesus!
Gender :Girl- Willow Ruth
Movement: a ton, and it hurts! She claws and kicks non stop.
Food Cravings: nothing particular. Just like cold light meals. oh, and blueberry pancakes.

Food aversions: heavy meals or fried food
What I Miss: sleeping well. It finally hit. I'm up all through night for either the bathroom, heartburn, or nightmares. Really hoping I get one more night of straight sleep soon!
Sleep: see above:)
What I am looking forward to: Her appointment tomorrow. She was measuring a little small at our appointment last week, the upside to that is we got an unexpected ultrasound and got to see her sweet face. She has the BIGGEST lips and looks so much like C did. Hoping she's grown well this week and will be staying put for a while. This coming up week I plan to make all our freezer meals, finish her nursery, and have our home deep cleaned. Oh, and C's 2nd birthday party (just family&community group, we are keeping is smmallll this year) is next week, and my church shower is Sunday. Plus we are planning to take C to a pumpkin patch.  It's going to be a crazy busy week, so if she could just stay put until after it passes, I'll be happy:) and way less stressed! Do you hear that little girl? Stay put until after Oct 5th, and then come asap!!!

Belly Button:flat but sometimes depending on how she's moving or I'm laying it pokes out.

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Sarah44 said...

Cant believe you are already 36 weeks along!