Cousin Date

on saturday, i woke up with an itch to spend as much of the day outside as possible. We thought about hitting up some museums since it was National Museum Day, but ultimately we decided on the park. I knew C would absolutely adore if his favorite person (besides me:) came along. I texted my sister and she was thrilled to let Judah join us. We picked him up and headed to the park. These two little boys are the absolute best of friends. The second Judah got in the car, they started giggling and didn't stop until we dropped Judah back off. We had a picnic, went on a nature walk, played on the playground, watched the ducks, ate a yummy cookie, saw a choo choo, and had SO much fun. I'm so thankful C has a built in best friend for life in Judah. Watching their little friendship grow is the BEST!

^Tan Tan and Udah. These two will be up to no good together forever:)

Thank you sister for letting me borrow your boy for the day! I hope we can make Cousin Dates a new regular in our home. ESPECIALLY as all my other siblings start having babies one day. Some of my best memories growing up include all my cousins, and I want C&W to have the same.

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Angie said...

Sweetest pictures ever :)