Date Night 8/12

We squeezed in on our August date night at the very tale end of the month. Since husband had not tried the new mexican place in mid town, we decided dinner there was must. The whole point of our once monthly special date nights is to do something we don't normally do on all other date nights. We tried two new places that night, and ended it with a redbox at home. Not that different, sure, but money was tight this month so we kept it simple. And to save a little bit more money, we decided not to hire a babysitter, and we took C along with us. The trick to taking your child on date night is to order them ridiculously yummy (and probably way greasy) food to keep them quiet and hush so you can pretend they aren't there:) Worked like a gem.
 We talked on the way home how fun it was that C came along this time. I know he's still very little and won't understand, but I love the idea of him coming along every now and then to witness first hand "dating". I want our kids to know that mommy and daddy's marriage is a priority over them. Spouses come first (after Jesus and before children) in our opinion. One great way to show that is to make date nights and spending time together a must. I also really want C to witness (every now and then) our dates so he can learn to open car doors and how daddy treats me and how we love each others company, etc etc etc. I can't wait for the day that C and I go on our first date, just the two of us. Maybe when he is around 5 or 6. Dad will give him some pointers before hand and fill his wallet with cash. He'll open my door and wear a little tie:) We'll order dinner at a "fancy" restaurant. He'll hand the waiter his money, and then we'll head to a movie. It makes my heart melt just thinking about it. I know that him seeing us date and knowing what that is will only bring about safety and love for his little world. Safety that momma and daddy's marriage is strong, and he is loved. I'm rambling now, but I hope you catch my drift with all this. Date your spouse. Period. And when you can't hire a baby sitter, still take that date, bring your littles along, and teach them the importance of it.

even though our bellies were full, we stopped at the candy store right next door and filled a bag with sour candies. Munching on them all the way home while singing songs and giggling. We only have two months before Willow comes. I'm thankful for this extra time with him, but for September and October's date night, hopefully it was just be the two of us.

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Angie said...

The Hubby and I have started monthly date nights too just recently. We managed one in July and one in August. I'm already planning September's. I love them :)

Such a sweet post!!!