Date Night 9/12

So thankful we were able to sneak in this month's date night right at the very end (this seems to be the trend with us). September FLEW by for us, which isn't a complaint. Just means we are one month closer to meeting little girl. For this date night we decided to try a new to us restaurant in Midtown with our friends, the Holcombs. We met at their place and walked over. Amen for beautiful summer nights. Afterwards, we hit up our favorite bakery on the planet, Muddys. It was such a laid back night with some good laughs and super yummy sliders. Hence the reason why I barely took any pictures. I was too busy relaxing with a stuffed belly. Hopefully this won't be the last date night we get before Willow comes. Crossing fingers for one more in October with just my man!

Date Night 5/12: not blogged: double date with the Bobos

1 comment:

Angie said...

We totally missed our September date night :(

I told hubby we would just have to double up in October!