Family Date 8/12

The August heat around here was no joke. It hit full force and restricted us from venturing out. August felt like it lasted 3 months long. Goodness, I'm glad it's over. Since the heat was raging, we didn't feel like taking a family date to any of the spots we planned on. So, we decided for a family date at home in the water, with sno cones and paint, and air conditioning. That morning we sat down for a family painting session. C ate more paint than he put on his paper. And poor Husband is still offended no one wants to buy his TREX painting. We then played outside with the hose and pool for a good hour or so. C and his "dowg" played their little hearts out. When we couldn't take the heat index of 105 any longer, we headed to a local favorite drive up diner, so to speak. Fries and Sno Cones were devoured in the freezing cold blast of the car AC, amen. We came home for naps and dinner. We ended the night reading every book we had that contained a Choo Choo in some sort or fashion. Our August family date was a family day spent at home and it was so so perfect. My lack of interesting story to go along with this post, in no way accurately show cases the amount of fun we had. Thankful for days like this!


Angie said...

Such cute photos! Such a fun filled day. Your so right, sometimes the simple days are the biggest blessings :)

Rachel said...

The little pool and a water hose are perfect for hot August days!