September Goals

First things first, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I've completely forgotten to blog my July and August goals. But oh well. I did get so so so so much done over those two months. Some goals I completed during those two months:

-Kept working out consistently!
-I made a ton of progress on Willow's room. Not done yet, but it's more than halfway there. I completed painting, curtains, finding furniture, and several DIY projects.
-Pushed myself creatively by opening my Etsy and learning to make Weaves.
-Kept our family dates and date nights on track
-Read a total of 4-5 books during those months!

September goals:

-Consistent quiet time with my chronological bible study
-Completely finish W's nursery and all the projects that go along with it
-Make one weave, hopefully two. but most likely only one.
-Conquer all the sessions I have booked and get them all completely edited before Oct 1. This will be a struggle. I'm booked solid. And all the editing alone could keep me from completing all these other goals. yikes!
-Plan C's birthday party. It will be super small, like family only, but I wanted to get a cute cake!
-Get more items crossed off my "To Do around the House before Willow Comes" list.

So there we go. It's the first week of September. I can do it! Next month's goal... HAVE A BABY!!!


Angie said...

You stay so busy, I don't know how you do it. Good luck with all your September goals :)

Brooklyn DeShea said...

I'd love to know what books you read! I've been on the search for some new good ones.

Amy said...

It's such a small world! I found your blog over at Megan Johnson's when you posted your adoption video and story. So then naturally I clicked on the adoption sermon your husband preached and as I was listening to it he said, "my friend George Ross..." Who is my cousin :) well...married to my sweet cousin Joy. Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself. We live in Pontotoc so we're practically neighbors ;)