Bump Date : 37 Weeks : Round 2

 YAY OCTOBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The month of C's birthday (on the 3rd), apple cider, boots, pumpkin patches, adorable costumes, candy, soup, homemade bread, crisp air, hot chocolate, and A BABY GIRL!!!!!! It's baby month people and we are PUMPED!

How far along: 37 weeks.
Total Weight Gain: 27 pounds. Finally weighed myself. Should be right under 30 or right at it when she arrives. Which was my goal! 

Maternity Clothes:oh yes. I live in leggings!

Best Moment this Week: Once again, the best thing is knocking out my to do list. I'm completely finished with all sessions and editing! PRAISE THE LORD! So thankful I'm able to take off the next 3 months from consistent sessions. I have a few scheduled for family and close friends, but those will be so easy and fun. Oh, and her appointment last week went fantastic. I'm measuring normal again and she's extremely low!
Gender :Girl- Willow Ruth
Movement: a ton, and it hurts! She claws and kicks non stop.
Food Cravings: light meals, fruit, and ice
Food aversions: heavy meals or fried food
What I Miss:having a bladder. These days the water goes in my mouth and immediately has to come out.
Sleep:It's been better, that's for sure. But I'm napping when I can to catch up on the sleepless nights.
What I am looking forward to: my appointment tomorrow. Hoping I'm more dilated (1.5cm last time & 70% effaced). C's family birthday party is Friday. Saturday is Cedar Hill Farm Pumpkin Patch day. And then hopefully that night we can take C out on a small family date. Sunday is my church shower. Pretty much I'm looking forward to every day! It's going to be a busy rest of the week and weekend and I can't WAIT!
Belly Button:flat but sometimes depending on how she's moving or I'm laying it pokes out.

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Kendra Castillo said...

How exciting! cant wait for you guys to meet your precious baby girl :)