(Ignore all the weird spacing throughout this post. I have no idea what's happening or why it did that)

well this post is pure picture overload, but really? what did you expect for a post all about my little boy's second birthday. It was the absolute perfect day. We started the day off with two celebratory birthday donuts. He wasn't too sure about the candles. He did a great job blowing them out but was then real confused. Dont worry though, he ate every bit of that sugary goodness photo c2birthday-001.jpg photo c2birthday-002.jpg photo c2birthday-003.jpg photo c2birthday-006.jpg

Next we played outside for a good bit because the weather was... you guessed it... perfect!!! Josh played with him and took him on a walk so I could get some cooking done photo c2birthday-008.jpg photo c2birthday-009.jpg photo c2birthday-010.jpg photo c2birthday-012.jpg photo c2birthday-007.jpg photo c2birthday-011.jpg
  photo c2birthday-013.jpg
 While C napped, I finished up his cakes. I made two strawberry cakes for our guests & one MAGNIFICENT train cake for C. I just followed pinterest tutorials, and it was actually pretty easy. Just time consuming. I was so nervous about how it would turn out. I've never made a themed cake before or really ever even decorated a cake so this was a little nerve wracking. I also followed pinterest tutorials for marshmallow fondant and was so pleased with out it turned out.  photo c2birthday-019.jpg photo c2birthday-015.jpg photo c2birthday-017.jpg photo c2birthday-014.jpg photo c2birthday-016.jpg photo c2birthday-020.jpg photo c2birthday-021.jpgThankfully, I managed to snap a few pics of us with C before our families arrived. CAN NOT BELIEVE HE IS TWO!!! photo c2birthday-022.jpg photo c2birthday-024.jpg

  photo c2birthday-025.jpg photo c2birthday-028.jpg photo c2birthday-029.jpg photo c2birthday-027.jpg photo c2birthday-026.jpg photo c2birthday-030.jpgOnce our family arrived, we ate soup & rolls, talked, C played with cousins, and then we opened gifts. C loved every single item. I'm so thankful for everything he got. I even put a few away to take back out once Willow gets here so he has something new to entertain himself with while I nurse and heal. I'm thinking this is a genius idea:) photo c2birthday-032.jpg photo c2birthday-033.jpg photo c2birthday-036.jpg photo c2birthday-035.jpg photo c2birthday-037.jpg photo c2birthday-038.jpgI knew he was going to love his cake. I didn't know that he would love it so much that he wouldn't even want to eat it. Almost a week later, and it's still sitting on our counter. He's so obsessed with it. He did eat a few oreo wheels and the marshmallow steam.  photo c2birthday-039.jpg photo c2birthday-040.jpg photo c2birthday-041.jpg photo c2birthday-043.jpg photo c2birthday-044.jpg photo c2birthday-048.jpg photo c2birthday-045.jpg

We had the BEST little family party imaginable. I'm so glad we decided to keep it so low key this year. It was fun throwing a big huge party for his first, but it's just can't happen every year. And at the end of the day, C doesn't care about all of that anyways.

Little boy, I love you so very much. I can't believe you are TWO years old. You're growing way to fast for my heart to handle. Every single day with you is such a blessing. I love how much you loved your simple little party. Trains, Judah, Family. It was perfect.  I can't wait to watch you become a big brother in the next few days. I love you!!!


Katie @ The Macarthurs Lately said...

I can't believe it's already been a year?! I remember looking at his 1st birthday post thinking how cute the "C" theme was! He is in awe of your choo-choo cake! Good job, Momma!

Cassie Lee @ Sage the Blog said...

Awww happy birthday C!