Family of Four, like whoa

Thursday I desperately needed to get out of the house, put some real clothes on, and breathe in some fresh air. I love all the snuggles and cuddling of the newborn stage, but I forgot how stir crazy you can go being inside all day with your little one. We knew a thursday morning would be really slow at the Zoo, and we wouldn't have to worry about a bunch of kiddos running around passing along yucky germs. We basically had the whole place to ourselves. We checked out the cat den before letting C play on the playground, so I could nurse. We then checked out the polar bears, pandas, and seals before stopping for a picnic lunch. We ended with a walk through primate village. If you've never been to the Memphis Zoo then you couldn't possibly understand how blessed we are with an amazing zoo. It's huge and incredible and they are still adding on. It's a must if you are ever in town and never gone. It was a seriously wonderful first outing as a family of four. Josh and I keep talking about how strange it is that we have two children. TWO?? Feels like we got married yesterday. Yet here we are 5.5 years of marriage in with two amazing kiddos. Ahh, this is the life:)

And if you love these headbands on me and W as much as I do, you must check out BLOOM.

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Jessie said...

Her sweet tininess is making me swoon and want another baby! Glad you got out. It's crazy how fast time goes! My own curly haired baby boy isn't a baby anymore. He sits on my lap and his legs are so long. When did that happen? Four under one roof has been a party for us. It looks good on you too.