Little Girl's Nursery Reveal

YAY! I can finally share Willow's room now that it's completely finished. Well, there are like two things I may change but they are small little details. Like dying the changing pad a red ombre and having my sister come work her calligraphy magic on the chalkboard wall. I couldn't wait any longer to share these pics though.

I wanted her room to be really crisp, simple, eclectic, modern, vintage, mid century all wrapped up into one space. Sounds a little all over the place, but I guess that's my style. I'm so so happy with how it turned out and it's probably my most favorite room in the house. I will admit that I just go in her room to sit, look around and relax.

My goal with her room was to spend no more than $100 on decor. By God's grace, I think I only went like ten dollars over that budget. It really was a blessing from the Lord. I won like 4 giveaways, was able to trade, a few sweet ladies sent me items because they are just precious like that, and gift cards bought several items! The furniture isn't included in that budget, but we got the dresser and crib for a STEAL on Craigslist.

Enough chatting, here's her room:) Details listed as we go.

 Deer Taxidermy (couldn't love it more) : Watercolor by little boy : Bow on Deer is actually for little girl:) I LOVE her etsy!

 The green "W" is chicken wire I had left over from my other wall in the kitchen. The shade of green matches the crib sheet. The lamp is a hand me down from Josh's mom. I spray painted it and got a Target lampshade with gift cards. The rock cactus's were a cute pinterest tutorial I found. I have most of my favorite headbands packed in the hospital bag, but these are several I love love love, too! I wanted something different and functional to display all her turbans, headbands, and bows on. I really love how that turned out. I have so many more that aren't hung yet. I'll do a post just on my favorite headbands and bows later. Soo many sweet shops sent me gift items. It blessed our socks off! (notice the choo-choo in the photo above... hints of a lurking little boy)

 I made the three weaves. I wanted to pull out the yellow from the crib sheet and just have a fun pop of color. The banner I made on the compter and printed the letters on white cardstock. So easy!

  The curtains I made from a california king sheet, fabric adhesive tape, and acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium. I free handed the spots. Total project cost me $18. The chair is josh's great grandmothers. The plant I got from my FIL. I yarn-bombed the hanging wire. The shag rug is from IKEA. It's $5. The chevron blanket was gift. Pink tassels were from one of W's showers and match the pink in the crib sheet (although you can't see it from on the pics, they look white). The Ikat pillow is a $2 Target place mat that I cut open on one side and stuffed. The ballerina doll I won in a giveaway from Candy Kirby Designs. I'm OBSESSED with her store, and the quilt behind her was my baby quilt. The crib sheet I won on an IG giveaway from lwph sews. It's fantastic quality. She has some killer crib sheets. It was so hard to choose.The Watermelon pillow I made from left over sheets from the curtains and red food dye. HA! The basket on the floor was a gift from my friend, Lizzy. She used to live in Africa. Couldn't believe she gave me one of her african baskets. Such a sweet gift! The fox pillow was a gift to C from my friend, Allyse. It was in his nursery, but I moved it over. The quilt over the african basket I bought like 2 years ago in case I ever had a girl. The pink doll inside the basket was once mine. The rug I bought for a crazy good deal (using christmas money) for my office about a year ago but decided it worked perfectly for her room instead and tied in all the colors.

 The Willow hoop was a precious gift from Alyssa. Her hoops on Etsy are adorable! The elephant and zebra were a gift from my mom from her past trip to Africa. The Raggedy Ann was mine. The two cactus and plant are from my FIL nursery. The gold frame and gold moccs were gifts from sweet friends. The Wind in the Willows book was once Josh's... crazy, right?? The black and white basket is Target, but I found it at a bargain store for $2. The other basket is also Target that I bought with a gift card, and it was on sale! I filled it with my baby blankets and blankets made for W. The books were all gifts and have special meaning to us. The shelves cost me $20 total to make. Lowe's sells the white wood boards already pre-cut and metal brackets. I simply spray painted them gold.

Phew, I think I covered all the details. It was such a joy putting her room together and staying under budget. A HUGE thank you to our friends Zach and Allyse for helping put the crib together (ikea instructions are the worst), building the shelves, hanging the plant, and installing a closet shelf system. We spent several Sunday nights before or after community group in that room. Thankful for their servant hearts.

Hard to believe two years ago I finished little boy's nursery and now I have another one finished for our little girl. Time is flying, and I'm not okay with it!


Kendra Castillo said...

I think you totally nailed Willow's room! It is sooo adorable

putter said...

The little pink terry cloth doll in the basket? My daughter had one just like it. When we found out at age 4 that Amy had a lazy eye and had to wear an eye patch, we also put one on her dolly...a tiny round bandage. It's still there :-) Amy is now 23!
LOVE Willow's nursery. You did a fabulous job!

Courtney Kassner said...

F r e a k i n g out over how much I love this nursery. You did such a wonderful job. Every detail is just perfect