The last days as a family of three!

It's really hard to believe that we have only a couple weeks left of being a family of three. I'm beyond thankful that I stuck to my guns and didn't schedule any sessions for the month of October. It's given us soooo much time to be together and do fun things with C. Last week, we celebrated his birthday and went to the pumpkin patch (scroll down to see those posts). This week we've filled it with even more fun.

1) I went to my FIL's nursery and picked up a couple of pumpkins. I taped off a C, put the little man in the tub with some paint, and let him go to town. He was a little hesitant at first, but then dove right in. He giggled and painted for a solid ten minutes. Of course it quickly went from painting the pumpkin to painting himself and the entire tub, but I didn't care. It was a super easy clean up. I also painted one for Willow and put them out by our front door. Speaking of front door, if W doesn't come over the weekend, I plan to paint it on Monday. I'm thinking Navy or Indigo.

2) We took C to Spaghetti Warehouse one night. A sweet girl left a comment on an older post telling me about this local restaurant and how they had a trolley inside that she thought C would love. I've heard of it a million times, but Josh and I had never been. C, of course, LOVED it. Spaghetti and Trollies (choo-choo in his words)?? What's not to love?! I didn't take any pictures because I was too busy stuffing my face and smiling at C's.

3) I took C to the zoo with my friend, Allyse, and we went to lunch after at Young Ave. Deli. I was hoping that by walking the zoo, little girl would decide to come.... yeah, that didn't work. But we had so much fun, nonetheless. I plan to go pretty much every single day next week in hopes of walking her right out. ha! But seriously, I'm doing it! We have a free membership, C loves it, and I want her to come already!

4) Josh took C on Monday to the Grizzlies pre-season kick off. I was incredibly sick that day with allergies and a headache, so I stayed home and slept! AMEN!! They didn't stay for very long, but they had fun! I was thankful they got some boy time. 

 Tonight, they are having another boys night while I spend some time with my favorite ladies. Can't wait! This coming weekend and week there is a train exhibit at the Pink Palace, so we are hoping to take him either tomorrow or sometime this week. Tomorrow night is family night with my family and maybe even a date night. I'm hoping to fill next week with free, fun activities with C, zoo walks, cuddling way past bedtime, and lots of walks around the block with my boys. I know I say I'm ready for little W to come, and I am. But at the same time, I'm also really content with her staying put. I know that's super contradictory. I'm just really loving all this time with just my boys. It will never ever ever be just us three again, so I want to really live in the moment and soak it all up. Of course I'm anxious for her to be here and join the fun, but I don't want to wish time away either. Praising the Lord for this sweet, special time in our lives. I keep using the word thankful, but I just can't say it enough.

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