Trunk or Treat aka for the love get this costume off me

I had planned to make C a homemade costume this year, but the whole having a baby a week or two before Halloween kiinnnnddaa threw a wrench in that plan. New momma of two over here doesn't have time to be hot gluing a costume. So, I texted my sister for one of her old costumes and we went with it.

C is the University of Memphis Tiger Mascot & we were Memphis fans (although you can't see our shirts). He loved the costume for a whole zero second... as if you couldn't tell... But the mean momma I am still demanded pictures. Couldn't love these hilarious pics more

Thankfully this fall fest was a week before Halloween, so between then and now, he's warmed up to it slightly.

Every year our church hosts a trunk or treat. The past two years we've done it as apart of our Old Towne's fall fest. It's always so much fun and the kiddos love it. 
 ^The car we helped decorate:)

I couldn't help but snap pics of a few of the Revision Church babies. 

And like any good mother, I scared my kid with vampire teeth. 

 I love this little tradition (trunk or treat, not scaring my kid). I love even more that there is now a little girl taking part:)

And for old times sake: 
Trunk or Treat : C 1 year
Trunk or Treat : C newborn

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