Week ONE with Willow

 It's mind boggling that little W is already one week old. Her due date is tomorrow and it weirds me out to think she should technically still be growing in my belly. Praise Jesus she came early because I just can't imagine life without her now.

This past week has been such a dream. It's gone 10x's better than I could have ever have imagined or prayed for. A total gift from the Lord. C has adjusted so unbelievably well. He has yet to show any signs of jealousy towards W. Whenever she cries, he tells her it's okay. He's initiated holding her all on his own. Like in the photos above I was taking them of W, and he came up and asked to sit with her. Once I put him in the chair, I just let him do his thing and he giggled and held her hand. He's so infatuated with her. The few times we've left the house, he will not go to the door or get in the car until he sees that willow is coming along too. He asks "Low low car?". When she sleeps, he will occasionally stop what he is doing and go check on her. It's melting our hearts to mush each day. I really expected for him to just not care, but he couldn't care for her more. He calls her different variations of Willow like : Low low, La Low, and La La. He's been a little extra fussy or disobedient some days, but nothing over the top that shows signs of him not adjusting well. We've just stayed consistent in his routine and how we discipline. We've also really tried to include him in what we do with her. The other day she was fussing and C dropped his trains, ran over and hugged her. Josh took pictures of it because I was in the shower. I almost died when he told me and showed me. Jesus has been so gracious to us.

Willow herself has been quite the dream too. On the second night home, little sister decided she would start waking up only once during the night and she's done it ever since. One feeding at night at 4 days old???? I'll TAKE IT!! She sleeps so much more than C ever did and is really quite content all the rest of the time. I had so much anxiety over her health while I was pregnant and the Lord has been so gracious to grant her perfect health thus far. We can't stop praising Him!! Because she is sleeping so well, we are sleeping well too, which allows us to be less exhausted during the day and able to really play and focus on C. I've been so thankful. Her doctor's appointment went so well yesterday. She weights 6lbs 11oz. Since she is already past her birth weight, we don't have to go back at two weeks! Little girl is gaining weight like a champ. Probably because she is nursing so well, too.  Josh was home this past week and will be home for one more week before returning to work. I'm so so so so so thankful to have all this time with him at home. He's been a seriously incredibl,e magnificent wonderful, husband and father. I'm trying not to think about the day he goes back to work and it's just me and these two. I know the Lord will give me wisdom and guidance to handle two without him, but the new adjustment has me a bit nervous and excited.

Little girl, we absolutely love having you. That's an understatement. This week with you has been the best week in the life of our little family. It blows my mind that at one point I wanted all boys or thought I would have all boys. You're exactly what I always wanted but didn't know I wanted. Make sense? You fit our family so perfectly and you are the delight of our lives. We love you little girl. so so so much.

And just for a walk down memory lane & to compare how much they look alike.... C's week one update. Josh and I can't get over how much easier it's been this time around in the world of newborns. We are both much more relaxed. I'm guessing this is pretty much the normal for most mommas the second go around. So thankful!


Nicole said...

This just melts me. I just love that little family of yours!!

Lauren Flowers said...

Im so glad to hear that she is healthy, sleeping well and such a joy! Could she be any more perfect??

Lauren said...

LOVE this! Y'all are precious!

Jessie said...

Oh, Congratulations Mama! This is the sweetest. I also can't help but relate to those curls on your son... my toddler has them too and they are irresistible!

carry camp said...

friend! congrats! she is beautiful!!!

Andrea said...

SO sweet! I'm glad C is adjusting so well. My Eliza is 3 weeks old now, and as hard as it was for my hubby to return to work, we are making it happen! I highly recommend daily walks/neighborhood playdates if you can. It really raises the spirits and has been a lifesaver.