Willow is 2 weeks OLD!


Just like with your brother, time is flying. Today you are TWO weeks old!! I'm so thankful you came a week early. At two weeks, you are almost as alert as your brother was, thankfully, you  like to sleep a lot more than he did. Speaking of, you are only waking up once during the night to eat around 3-3:30. You are still wearing newborn diapers and I'm thinking maybe you weigh close to or a little over 7lbs now. You are a massive cuddle bug. You prefer to be held constantly, but thankfully, you really like you swing too! I'm totally soaking in and cherishing this time of cuddling because I know it passes wayyyy to fast. You're still nursing like a champ too! Your big brother is still enthralled by you. He is constantly asking if you are okay every time you cry. He checks on you when you are swinging, and he loves to hold you. Daddy has the magic touch when it comes to putting you to sleep. Seeing you in his arms gets me every time. I think it's safe to say you already have him wrapped around your finger. We love you little girl. Having a daughter is blessing me in ways I never even knew possible. I'm loving it to the moon and back and then some. I'm so so so so so thankful the Lord knew we needed you in our family. I love you sweet girl. So grateful to call you mine!

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Kendra Castillo said...

You have one beautiful and squishy baby!