Willow's Showers

We were blessed with two showers for our sweet Willow girl, and praise him, we got everything we needed for her from them!! I did a horrible job of taking pictures of how cute they were, but I managed to snap just a few on my iphone. The first one was thrown by my sisters and sweet friend, Lizzy. It was so adorable and wonderful. They had delicious brunch food, and Lizzy made the most beautiful invitation. Thank you, Thank you to all the wonderful ladies that came! And especially to my sweet sisters and Lizzy!

 The second shower was thrown by my church. We always keep these showers really simple and directly after church. So far this year, we've had a shower pretty much every single month! We were overwhelmed with all the gifts we received. Josh and I sat in her room that afternoon organizing it all and just kept thanking the Lord for everything we received! So many diapers and wipes and outfits and goodies. It was unreal! Oh, and precious lady from our church even got us a baby Willow tree!!!! So so so excited to watch it grow alongside our little girl.

I told you I did a horrible job documenting these showers, but I'm so incredibly thankful for them both. Like I said, we have everything we need PLUS more and we couldn't be more thankful!

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