Cousin Date : Halloween Party

I absolutely loved holiday parties my teachers used to throw in elementary school. Since I will most likely be homeschooling C, I want him to still have those same fun memories. Last week, my sister and I decided to put together a last minute halloween party for our kiddos. I spent a total of $10 at Target on pumpkin plates, table cloth, bat garland, and activity packs for each kid. The activity packs were in the dollar aisle and included little games and stickers. My sister was in charge of the food, and it turned out so simple and cute! I also made little goody bags from supplies on hand and halloween candy. They played, ate lunch, watched Toy Story (a Halloween version), and we made finger print pumpkins (or big toe prints if your Willow:). I had all the supplies for that on hand, too. I plan to set it out every year for fall. It pretty much makes my knees go weak just looking at their tiny prints. I can't wait to do this for other holidays. And hopefully next time if we plan in advance, some other little friends can join us.

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Lauren said...

Love your Halloween party! It looked like it was so much fun!