Family Date 11/12

I know and understand fully that the quality of these photos are less than par, but the evening needed to be documented regardless. Husband was out of town mon-wed of this week and to say we missed him would be an extreme understatement. He was miserable about being gone, and I really wanted him to come home to fun surprises. So, I made our family chex mix recipe and decorated our home in Christmas decor as much as these little two stinkers would let me. We spent the evening of his return kicking off our holiday season with soup, chex mix, Polar Express, and cuddling under the glow of the twinkly lights. It was seriously one of the best family nights we've had so far this year. While cuddling during the movie, I couldn't help but stop and stare at these two beautiful babies the Lord has entrusted us with to raise. They are seriously the best thing to ever happen to be (after Jesus and their daddy of course). I sat looking at them just praising Jesus for their little lives. I seriously want like seven more. Yes, they drive me batty some days and I feel so so often like I'm failing. Yes, they make me lose my cool and push my buttons most days. YES, they are often exhausting, but they are ALWAYS such a treasure and a blessing. The good far far far FAR exceeds the bad when it comes to children. They bring an unexplainable amount of joy into our lives, and I'm just so incredibly, undeniably blessed to be their momma.

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