Halloween 2014

Just in case you thought C & W didn't look much alike...

 CRAZZZYYY how much they resemble one another in that comparison. Makes me so anxious to see what W will look like, if she'll have curly blonde hair like her big brother.Regardless, I'm positive she'll be the prettiest little girl that ever lived:) But I'm a little biased.

Unbeknownst at the time, we may have started a new Halloween tradition. Halloween morning, we put C's costume on and headed to my MIL for breakfast. We wanted her to be able to see him in his little tiger costume. And because it was the perfect fall morning and colder than it ever has been on Halloween in years, we played outside with C, and we introduced him to throwing leaves. This may have to be a reoccurring thing year after year.

We went home for naps before joining my sister at her in-laws for chili and trick or treating. C didn't even fight putting on the costume because it was bone. chilling. cold. like super cold people. Her in-laws neighborhood has pretty insanely huge houses, and they gave out the best of the best candy. C caught on to trick or treating immediately. He'd say "trick or treat" in his adorable voice, take a handful of candy, and say thank you as he ran off to the next house. The kid was a natural. He's also a natural at devouring candy wrapper and all... it may have happened at good 3-4 times. Afterwards, we headed to my parents church for their fall fest.  We hung around there just long enough for C to play a few games, eat more candy wrappers and all, and me nurse W.
 I've never been a huge huge fan of Halloween, but having a kid makes it all the more fun. We stay away from the spooky costumes, the evil it promotes, etc and just focus on the silly fun costumes and free candy:) As he gets older, we will introduce Reformation Day to him and make that a part of the day, I hope. This year was pretty fantastic though:) Love that little tiger.

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