My C's two year session

I'm sitting here in my office, staring at these pictures, trying to come to terms with the fact that I have a two year old. That a few posts below this is my newborn daughter's session. That this little boy was just her size, and now he's two. TWO. I can't help but absolutely tear up when I look at these sweet pictures. His personality is so smeared across these images. Josh and I couldn't cut some out even if they are silly faces because they are his silly faces. Ones we see everyday. Same goes for the serious face. It's his observant look. He's silly, mischievous, serious, observant, funny, tenderhearted, and silly again:) Being his momma has been one of my the biggest blessings of my life. I was so worried about how this session would go. It's always so hard to capture my own kids, but it couldn't have gone better. He was every bit himself, and I'm just so thankful to have these. Now.... how in the world am I going to decide which one to frame or hang on my wall in canvas. Ugh, I need more walls.
 photo Ctwoyears-022will.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-012willis.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-019sbw.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-023willis.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-018willis.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-003.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-017sbw.jpg
To his delight, a train passed while we were snapping these. He's little heart leaped for joy.
 photo Ctwoyears-006.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-009.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-005sbw.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-007.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-020.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-004.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-015.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-016sbw.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-011.jpg
 photo Ctwoyears-002.jpg
And because... real life.
 photo Ctwoyears-021.jpg


Nicole said...

These are perfect!!

Katie @ The Macarthurs Lately said...

I love the chair ones where he's laughing! So precious!

Sarah44 said...

He has such adorable features

Brooklyn DeShea said...

A family just asked me to take a few family pictures for them this weekend. They are a family of 6 adults, and to tell you the truth - I'm a little (really) terrified that I won't get the posing right. Any ANY tips you have or do, Katie, when it comes to posing...? I'm taking them at a local downtown area and a nearby park. Do you shoot with a preset or in manual? I want to get their Christmas picture just right... I'm seriously not looking to take anything you do, just some tips of advice would be a TOTAL stress-reliever for this task on Friday. Thanks for any help!!