Our first date

I've been looking forward to this night since the day C was born. When we found out we were having a boy, I knew right away that I wanted to "date" him. I wanted to teach him how to treat a lady, take her on dates, pay attention to her, have fun with her, and respect her. One simple way to do that is to take him on dates with me (but I really believe the best way he will learn is by watching his daddy in the everyday, so so thankful he has such an incredible daddy to watch:). Our kids will absolutely grow up seeing momma and daddy date each other, but I want them to grow up learning exactly what that means. Since W's birth, I've been craving some one on one time with my boy. She takes up a good portion of my concentration during the day right now, and momma guilt has fed my brain that I'm missing C grow up. Yes, I realize that entire sentence was ridiculous. He was my only for so long and my attention was his fully for two years so now that it's divided between his and his sister, I feel sometimes like I'm missing out on him. It's all really silly because I know I'm totally not, but I'm sure other mommas can relate. right?. Anyways, Husband agreed to stay in and cuddle with little W so that the two of us could paint the town red for a night. Josh got him all dressed and explained what was about to happen. We had a little mini photo shoot before we left because DUH! Do you know me? OF COURSE this was going to be document. Our first date:)

We went to Newks for dinner because C loves loves loves their mac n cheese. We sat in a booth and we were rather quite silly:) I noticed while we were eating that almost 100% of the other couples/families in the restaurant were all on their phones while eating and barely conversing at times. I wanted to stand up and say PUT THE PHONES DOWN PEOPLE AND BE PRESENT! I can't imagine how a kid must feel if the entire dinner their parents are paying zero attention to them and more interested in what's going on in FB, IG, or twitter world. My parents never allowed phones at the table and always made it a priority to engage us while eating. I'm sure these families and couples didn't mean any harm by checking their latest updates, but it does sadden me how "plugged in" our culture is. Be present people. Put the phones away for 30 minutes and love the one your with.

After our dinner, we headed to a local book store to pick out C a new book. He's an avid reader and we've read every book we have nine million times. To the point that I don't even have to read them anymore, I can just repeat them from memory. His face lit up when he realized we were in a store solely devoted to books. Love that my kid is such a die hard reader already! I hope this continues all his life.

His little eyes were practically glazed over from joy the entire time we picked out a book.  He'd carefully pick one up, examine the front and back, open a few pages, then carefully place it back. He ended up finding the train section (real shocker right) and we decided on three paper back Thomas the Train stories. He insisted on carrying the bag. Such a gentlemen:)

We arrived home just in time to get fresh, hot cookies out of the oven (thanks husband:). We changed into our pjs and headed to his room with cookies and books in hand.  We read each book almost twice and devoured the cookies in seconds flat.

I seriously love this boy. He's such a delight. He's incredibly silly, observant, kind, and loving. I get so tickled watching him grow up, because so so much of my little kid self in him. He's my favorite little boy in all the land, and I can't wait for all of our "dates" in the future. ANNND I can't wait for W and daddy dates. I mean, I'll probably have to be shoveled up off the ground on their first date because I know I will just MELT.


Katie @ The Macarthurs Lately said...

So sweet! I can't believe how big he's gotten!

The Curious Critter said...

Oh goodness I adore this!! I'm expecting next summer and am already going through all the things I want to do for each gender! I just love following your blog. Your heart is made of gold! :)

The Curious Critter said...

oh goodness I just adore this! I am expecting next summer and am already planning all the things i want to do with each gender! I love your heart for your children and the Lord! What a beautiful example! Keep posting :)