Something I NEED YOU TO READ. Advent Guide 2014.

I'm sitting here listening to the background noise of my 2 year old crunching crackers and my husband talking in his baby voice to my ever precious 2 month old while trying to think of the best possible way to explain this post or the image above. Words. I'm failing at forming them. I want so badly to eloquently describe this Advent Devotional my HUSBAND wrote. Pause. My two year old just entered and grabbed the stapler and ran.

Okay, I'm back. Words. Let's try this again.

Back in July or August (I can't really remember, I'll blame it on the "THEN" preggo brain), my husband told me that he was going to write an Advent guide. If you know my husband, you know that he's an incredible writer. In college, he was bound and determined to write for Sports Illustrated. Thankfully, instead, he followed the Lord's calling to ministry and church planting. Still, writing has always been something that came naturally to him. It's frustrating to me, because I write this blog and soooooo often stink at writing, that he can just form the most beautifully written sentences in seconds.  Like at the drop of a hat. So, when he told me he was going to write this guide, I was immediately excited and proud. He spent several months writing, erasing, rewriting, researching, editing, PRAYING, and writing some more. He let me read bits and pieces of it along the way, and each time it left me dumb founded that he formed those sentences, those paragraphs, those devotionals. I remember when it was almost finished, he asked me to read it. I was at my doctor's appointment with our sweet Willow (30 something weeks pregnant) and I was sitting in the waiting room with tears in my eyes as I read over the pages. I never told him it made me cry. But it did. As I read over the pages I just praised the Lord that he was the father of my children. A man, who loves and treasures the gospel above all else and wrote about it so beautifully, is my partner in life. How am I so lucky? I'm so undeserving. I only made it halfway through when I was called back to hear my sweet girls heart beat. I have yet to finish it because I want to wait and hear it fresh as we read it to our son each night.

He sent off the finished devotionals to some crazy talented friends who designed this kick butt guide. IT SERIOUSLY LOOKS AWESOME.

I'd try to explain it, but figured you should read about it yourself. Here's a look at the introduction:

 Chills, right? Maybe it's just me. The best part of it, he wants no credit. Because I'm his wife and just so proud of him, I had to brag on him a tad and shine the spotlight his way, but he will probably get mad at me for writing all of this about him and not more about the guide or the devotions, but he can just be mad:)

People, the devotional is crazy good. It's such a great resource for keeping our eyes focused on Christ this season. I think we as Christians really want to keep our eyes focused on him. We strive for it, but because we are human, we fail. We get wrapped up in buying gifts, hosting parties, watching holiday movies, and starting fun traditions. None of those things are bad, but we often accidentally give them more thought or concentration than we do the scriptures and the gospel during this season. These daily, short devotionals are scripture saturated, thought provoking guides that will help your family stay focused on Christ this Christmas.

"But Kate, I already have another devotional to do". No worries! One reason they are short, is so that you can do it along with other devotionals! Do one in the morning and the other at night. Or back to back. The more the merrier and the more you'll seek Jesus;)

Our church is offering it to you FOR FREE! If you're local, I'd love to place a hard copy in your hands. If you're not, you can download it for free RIGHT HERE. One great thing is that it can be used over and over again with each passing year! HURRAY!

Please please download it, lead your family through it, and share it with others. Advent season starts this coming Monday so download yours quickly! And again, SHARE IT!!!

Oh, and if you love Christmas music like me, take a listen to Sow and Tethers new christmas single, Creator Born. You can take a listen on the link I provided for the advent guide or below. And if you love it, you know the drill.... SHARE IT. Also, it's on itunes!!

Hey husband, I love you, I'm proud of you, and I'm sooooo thankful Jesus gave me you.


Nicole said...

Truly so excited about this!!!

Rachel said...

I cannot wait to download this and read! I'm so looking forward to Advent this season. Thank you for sharing!