The big tree hunt of 2014

Every year, sometime before or immediately after Thanksgiving, we go tree hunting. Sounds much more adventurous than it really is haha, but we always have fun. My father in law owns a nursery in a town just south of us, so we always get our trees from him. This year, C was totally into the entire thing. He ran in and out of the trees, helped josh pick the perfect one, and tried to help us load it onto the car. Outdoors is his favorite place to be, so this was basically heaven for him. And Willow, well, the girlfriend just slept:)

 I love this day every year. Just a fun little tradition we started our first year of marriage. And obviously, kids make everything more fun. We spent that afternoon night decorating our tree together. And I JUST HAD TO recreate a little photo-op I did with C. The first squishy little baby was C, the second is Willow.... My goodness my babies look alike.

And if you're interested, here's the previous years:)

Last year
The year before that;)


Courtney Kassner said...

Look at those baby twins! Too cute!

Nicole said...

I’m OBSESSED with your old posts. Like, you should link every post back to an old post! ha! I love love love looking back at tiny C. I think it’s such a blessing that you’ve blogged all of these moments! What a fun way to look back on how much your family has grown!