Willow is ONE MONTH

Big brother always wants to hold you in this chair. He also always likes to kiss you, make you cry sometimes, and pick your buggers occasionally. He's so helpful:)


my my my. A month old already. In some ways it feels like you've been here longer and in some ways it feels like you just were born. You're growing like a weed! I don't know an official weight or length because we don't go back to the doc until your 2 month check up, but I know your atleast well into 7 pounds and probably over 21 inches long for sure! Your wearing newborn and size one diapers. You are wearing newborn clothes. Most 0-3 month clothing items are too big for you still. Your hair is strawberry blonde, and your eyes are still blue! You're waking up once in the night around 4 or 4:30 and nursing 8 times a day. You love love love to sleep, but staying awake for longer periods. You also just started really intently looking at us. It melts my heart. You still love to be held and cuddled and cry if you aren't. Your big brother is such a help and seriously loves you. Today you were crying, and before I could get to you, he ran over, put your paci in your mouth, smiled and said "low low okay". I almost died right then. it was too precious for me to handle. You are such a delight little girl and I seriously can't get over how sweet you are. I'm loving the early morning nursing sessions when it's just you and me. It's dark and you extra snugly. I spend that time praying over you and just enjoy it being you and me. I'm so thankful you're my daughter and that I get to watch you grow. We love you willow girl!

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